GA Release of AMPLIFY Dashboard 5.0

Titanium SDK 9.0.3
Titanium SDK 9.0.3

Have you logged into the AMPLIFY Dashboard this week? (As a refresher, Dashboard is our web application that you use to manage all aspects of your AMPLIFY Services development!)

If you have logged in, have you noticed that it is faster and easier to navigate with more readable fonts and consistent color schemes?

Please read on for more details and then login and see for yourself!


Whether you are an API Developer or a Mobile App Developer, first-time users will be guided through an improved sequence of screens that will help you get what you need to accomplish your goals.

Updated Landing Page

The landing page has been modified to display the All Projects view instead of the Map view. We did this for two reasons: it allows you navigate more quickly to the App you are interested in and it improves the performance and navigation of the Dashboard. To find the Map view that displays the consolidated session count, select an App and go to the session page.

In the Overview tab, we removed the tiles for Test and Crash-related metrics as we have not been displaying those metrics in most cases.

Analytics UI

Real Time View: The visualization of the real time metrics such as Active Users, Installs and Sessions has been improved to present the counts and timeline in a more readable graphical format.

Version Adoption Graph: You’ll find the new graph based on bands provides quick insight into the versions adopted based on the number of user sessions over time.

Organization View

Family of Orgs: In the organization view, you will notice a Family menu link if you are in an Enterprise plan and have Child Organizations. The view will show all the child organizations that are part of your main organization.


And, last but not least, a few of our icons have changed. You’ll get used to them.

For more details, check out the Release Notes.