Going to Dreamforce? Take part in the $1 Million Hackathon with Appcelerator

Blog Callout

As you might have heard, Salesforce.com just kicked off a $1 Million Hackathon for the best mobile application. Hacking is taking place right now and will culminate at Dreamforce in San Francisco on November 21.

We would like to personally invite you to participate. We’ve recently released the Appcelerator Salesforce Mobile Pack Connector. Using the Mobile Pack Connector, which is a freely downloadable module for Titanium, you can now mobilize your Salesforce data to create native, cross-platform mobile apps.

This is a great opportunity for you to build a killer mobile app leveraging Appcelerator, and walk away with an additional $1 million in cash. Winners at Dreamforce will also have huge press exposure with media, industry leaders, and investors.

Grab your complimentary FREE Hacker Only Pass (expires Thursday 11/14 , so get it today). The pass gets you access to the Hackathon plus all the great content and activities in the Developer Zone at Dreamforce.

Reach out to your fellow hackers and form a team of rock-star developers—or go at it solo; it’s up to you.

May the best app win!