Help us Save the Gulf (as featured on CNN TV)

Row of server cabinets with computer and digital displays full of data, numbers, and blue blinking lights and leds, arranged in circular rows. Computer servers fill a room of a futuristic data center, used as a cloud computing and data storage facility. Room is illuminated by blue light. Low angle view. Supercomputer simulation, digitally generated image.

This weekend CNN featured on TV the Oil Reporter application (see video below). Oil Reporter was built on Titanium by Appcelerator partner Intridea in partnership with the Crisis Commons.

How we’re doing our part

While this effort has much political and environmental debate, at Appcelerator we’re simply trying to help in our own little way. We’ve started by providing a great platform for quickly building applications like Oil Reporter. We’re working with Crisis Commons and other governmental/non-governmental organizations to organize technology volunteers and help match them with organizations needing assistance during the relief. We’ve been helping to provide a common data platform and API for use in this effort and in future disasters. We’re also donating not only our time and resources but 100% of the first-month proceeds made through the Oil Reporter relief coupon for any developer that signs up for a Titanium Professional subscription by June 30th.

How you can help too!

There is much more to do to help the Gulf region, which is why we are reaching out to the community of more than 47,000 Titanium Developers to participate in several ways:

  • Attend the upcoming free Webcast on Tuesday, June 1st “How Intridea Built Oil Reporter and How You Can Extend Oil Tracker” to learn more about building mobile apps with Oil Reporter data.
  • Volunteer to Develop New Apps. Recruited developers will be matched with government agencies and animal rescue organizations for a coordinated effort to better identify hotspots for crisis mitigation and protection of the natural environment, wildlife, etc.
  • Get Oil Reporter and Tweet your support for the initiative. “RT @appcelerator Announcing OilReporter: How Developers Can Aid Gulf #OilSpill Recovery”. Live in the Gulf Region? Volunteer as a data collector through the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command.