HTML5 vs. Native? Wrong Question

HTML5 vs. Native

Coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday, with its fine tradition of food, football and family arguments, I was reminded of another argument that’s taken up space here and plenty of other places. Namely, the debate between HTML5 and native. What occurred to me wasn’t another pro or con for one side or the other, but rather how much time is being spent on what is essentially only a portion of the mobile challenge. Arguably the bigger challenges concern:

  • How we connect mobile apps to backend data sources built according to the standards and formats of the web world, and
  • How we measure the cost and ROI of our app portfolios – which for enterprises are increasingly the larger bet.

Sorting through the above is the subject for a piece I contributed to ReadWrite – Why the HTML5 vs. Native Debate Obscures the Real Challenges of Mobility. Have a look and let me know what you think.