Node.ACS Developer Preview 2 is now available

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I am thrilled to announce the availability of the second Node.ACS developer preview. Using Node.ACS allows you to create and publish Node.js applications to the cloud. You can create custom services that extend the functionality of ACS or simply host your existing Node.js applications on the Appcelerator Cloud. Node.ACS is fully integrated with Titanium and ACS, simplifying the development of your mobile applications server side code.

The 1st developer preview was released in October and we received great feedback. We listened to your responses and made some changes.  We’ve added several important features and resources that you requested. Specifically:

  • Node.ACS MVC framework – We heard that developing Node.js applications was challenging. Therefore, we’ve added an easy to use MVC framework designed to increase your productivity when creating Node.js applications. The Node.ACS MVC framework supports all the standard Node.js functionality
  • Support for out of box Node.js applications – Are you using your own web framework? Now you can use Node.ACS to run any Node.js application on our Node.ACS cloud
  • Clearer Error Logs – We’ve added syntax errors and runtime exceptions in the logs to help you understand where your app fails
  • New Accesslog command – Using the new accesslog command you can retrieve logs detailing the usage of your application
  • Improved documentation and sample code


Getting started with Node.ACS

As part of this developer preview, we put together a quickstart guide taking you through setting up your environment and creating a simple Node.ACS app. Access it here to get started and find out more about Node.ACS.

More resources

  • To use Node.ACS with Titanium Studio, download the latest version of studio with Node.ACS integration and check out the Docs.
  • To learn how to port your existing Node.js application over to Node.ACS cloud, please follow these steps.
  • Check the complete Node.ACS CLI documentation here
  • View sample Node.ACS apps here

Porting from previous Node.ACS releases

This is a major upgrade from last Node.ACS Developer Preview, if you already have an app that is running in the old preview Node.ACS cloud, you will need to rewrite parts of your app to make it work in the new Developer Preview Node.ACS app. Please post questions at Node.ACS google group if you need help migrating your apps.

What’s next

This release contains many features, and there are many more to come. Support of background jobs and cron jobs, more improvements in the Studio integration, the Node.ACS CLI, error reporting, analytics and of course more sample apps showcasing the capabilities of Node.ACS.

Please continue using Node.ACS google group to ask questions and get support. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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