Introducing the Appcelerator Platform

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Earlier this year, we launched a redesigned website to celebrate our epic developers and customers, and to provide customized content for each group. Today, we are making some product changes to provide more clarity about the difference between our open source and commercial offerings.

Our commitment to Open Source

I recently returned from a three-week trip around the world to meet with you – our community and our customers. One thing that I heard over and over again in my conversations at TiConf in Valencia, Spain and TiTokyo in Japan was that many of you are building successful businesses on your Titanium apps. I was amazed by your stories about the demand for your apps from enterprises and your journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. You truly are changing the way the world communicates, and I am honored that you have chosen to build your businesses on our solutions.

I also heard requests for more clarity about what is open source/ free vs. what is commercial: When do you need to pay? What is the value that you get if you pay for our solutions? Are we going to make any changes to limit (or eliminate!) our open source/ free offerings? What happens if you exceed the free limits?

To be crystal clear, there will always be a free / open source version of Titanium. This is a sacred truth, it is in my heart, and you can count on me to always cherish and protect it. Open source and free are core to who we are, it is the soul of the company and we will continue to invest in it. Our goal is to democratize the mobile revolution – to enable all developers and all enterprises to create the future. To achieve this goal, we must always provide a great free product because we believe that developers are the engine that will fuel the mobile revolution. We want you to start businesses, to build transformative mobile apps, and to be successful. It is our belief that a free and open source Titanium is the key to making these things happen.

Titanium and Appcelerator Branding Changes

Starting now, we are going to start making a clearer separation between the Titanium suite of products (which will all be free) and the Appcelerator suite of products (which will all be commercial).

Certain products today that have a free tier, such as Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS), will be rebranded over the next few months as Titanium Cloud. The paid offerings for ACS will now be available and branded under the Appcelerator brand.

Moving from the Titanium products into the commercial offerings will be seamless. And, you’ll already be familiar with them, given that they are built on the same foundation, but with additional capabilities more suitable for enterprises that need those features.

Of course, we wanted to “release early, release often” – so we’ll need a few months to work through all of the changes to reflect them more fully on the website, products, etc. I ask you for a little patience as we do this.

Introducing the Appcelerator Platform

Today, we are announcing the Appcelerator Platform. This offering focuses on the specific needs of mobile enterprises.

The Appcelerator Platform provides a commercial solution for the entire Mobile First lifecycle, with commercial support, SLAs and technical training. This offering includes Appcelerator Studio, Appcelerator Alloy, Appcelerator Cloud, Appcelerator Test, Appcelerator Analytics, and Appcelerator Performance Management – all under a single, newly branded SaaS offering called the Appcelerator Platform. This solution serves the specific needs of enterprises that require a comprehensive platform for the entire mobile lifecycle – from ideation and design-driven development, to continuous delivery, to experience-driven analytics. (We refer to this redefined lifecycle as Continuous Mobile Innovation.)

The Appcelerator Platform is powered by Titanium. In other words, we can’t have the Appcelerator Platform without a strong, successful Titanium product and community behind it.

Titanium will continue to include Titanium Studio, the open-source projects such as Titanium SDK, Titanium CLI, Titanium Code Processor, Alloy for Titanium, and community-driven enhancements; all coupled with flexible and non-restrictive licensing (Apache 2) to allow you to develop and sell your apps for free. Titanium will also include the free versions of our cloud offering. Titanium allows us to continue to collaborate through various pull requests, JIRA, wiki and other wonderful ways to all work together to make this an awesome product for all.

What’s coming next?

My commitment to you is to be transparent and open about our plans. Thus, let me outline the direction that we are taking:

Our website launch today features a new homepage that clearly defines the difference between what is free/open source and what is commercial: Titanium and Appcelerator Platform. We’ve launched detailed product pages for each solution, as well as online demos of the Appcelerator Platform.

In the next few days, look for another blog post where we outline the commercial pricing for the Appcelerator Platform. To be crystal clear, the free “Explore” package with the existing free usage-levels and existing licensing terms will continue unchanged.

We plan to continue to make a cleaner separation between the Titanium suite of products and the Appcelerator suite of products. In 2-3 months, we will launch a separate website for Titanium and all of the open source/free resources (forums, community, etc) associated with Titanium. At that time, will focus entirely on the Appcelerator Platform and the commercial offerings associated with it. We also plan to launch a free trial for mobile project teams that require a comprehensive enterprise-grade mobile platform.

Thank you for your support

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you right now (and please don’t take this the wrong way), but I was pleasantly surprised during my trip by the reception by the community of my discussion around commercial vs. free and the Appcelerator Platform vs. Titanium branding changes that we are making today. I received many compliments including tweets of excitement around that. Admittedly, I was a bit worried that perhaps our community would be a little skeptical – but quite the opposite, you were encouraging and thankful to see that Appcelerator has a path to commercial success, and that we were providing you with the clarity around plans that you have been seeking.

Forgive me for being sappy here, but I was truly touched by how you all want Appcelerator to do well.  I saw how you are rooting for us to grow and be commercially viable as you are staking your careers and businesses around our business. So thank you for your support.

As always, I am honored each and every day that we have the opportunity to empower you to deliver transformative mobile experiences to the world. Let me know your feedback!


  1. If the Appcelerator Platform is as good as Titanium and has a license for indie developers and continue with Titanium, very well done.

  2. How should Indie developers act? Is there a transition planned to the new commercial solution, or should Indies unsubscribe?

  3. Hi,

    Thats great to read some clarifications about appcelerator strategy. The most annoying thing I dislike from IT companies is when we need to contact sales consultant to know prices for a service. I would love to read crystal clear the prices of appcelerator plataform. I’m not afraid to pay for a service, but usually when someone says to me that I need to contact a salesman that means to me “that’s not cheap!”. So even if it’s free, we don’t know it.

    That’s what I love, for instance, about Amazon AWS! The price is crystal clear!


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