Meet your new Home: The Appcelerator Developer Portal

As a developer, you want to stay up-to-date with the tools you use. More often than not, a Developer Portal is the place to find such information. In fact, dev portals are so common that I often assume I can just replace “www.” with “developer.” to get technical details instead of marketing information on the tool I’m using!

Information Everywhere

At Appcelerator, different forms of technical information live in various places: this blog, documentation, University, Marketplace, community initiatives like All Titanium and gitTio…the list goes on.

When we recently embraced Stack Overflow for community support and archived the old Q&A’s, our own developer. subdomain became available again. We initially used it for a handy Get Help page, and began planning for an even more robust developer destination.

Appcelerator Developer

Today, we’re proud to present to you our progress so far and baptise it: The Appcelerator Developer Portal – or Appcelerator Developer for short. It’s main attraction: a single-page overview of the latest updates from around the Appcelerator Universe. We’ve also started to use the @AppcDev Twitter handle to send more frequent, developer oriented updates. Follow us and never miss out!

Future Plans

And we’re not done yet! We’ll continue to improve the portal with more sources of information, getting started guides, integration with Studio and more. Leave a reply to this post to let us know what you’d like to see!

Welcome to your new home:



  1. Some more content on Arrow Cloud would be great. The Two Factor authentication is a great example. Also some of us still use Node.JS to connect to Arrow DB, and hosted on Arrow Cloud.

  2. con tantos desarrolladores , la pagina no puede traducirse al español, que es un idioma que hablamos muchos de aquellos que deseamos utilizar vuestra herramienta para crear.
    la traducion con el google no es muy buena.
    muchas gracias

    [translation by Google]

    with many developers, the page can not be translated into Spanish, a language we speak many of those who want to use your tool to create.
    the translation yet with google is not very good.
    thank you

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