New Titanium Desktop Release is coming soon!

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Dear Titanium Desktop developers,

We have been reading your posts and emails and we’re working hard on the finishing touches on a new Titanium Desktop release.

The highlights of the new upcoming Ti Desktop 1.1 Release are:

  • Increased stability – many bugs fixed toward that goal
  • Key performance improvements in some areas
  • Updated Webkit with improved HTML 5 support

We planning the details of the release now and we are targeting the first week of December for the release of Ti Desktop 1.1.

Be assured that the Titanium Desktop development is alive and well, and we are adding resources to the team.

As you likely know we use the Titanium Desktop to build our Titanium Developer application. And also it is being used by major clients for key cross platform applications which have a huge installed base.

Thanks for your support and your patience, and stay tuned for a new Titanium Release 1.1 near you!

Code Strong!

Ralf Pfeiffer

Director of Platform Engineering

Appcelerator, Inc.


  1. Hopefully we get some more documentation along with this new release.

    But great news to hear the desktop is alive and kicking, these days people want desktop and mobile apps with same UI/styling so great that you’re not just focusing solely on mobile.

    Also, would be great to have examples showing how to hookup to native code on Desktop (I’m told its possible, there’s just no examples anywhere).



  2. This is really good new. For a while there I thought the TI Desktop would be going the way of the Dodo. Interestingly enough, I have not yet used TI mobile, only been fooling with TI Desktop and I like the framework thus far.

    +1 for an integrated dev environment – just plugin bespin ( already 🙂

    Can’t wait, keep up the good work guys.


  3. Good news. Please can you let us know whether bonjour support is added in this release?

    +1 for a request for info on how to integrate native code / write a module which would enable support for bonjour.


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