Platform Engineering: v8 Runtime Available in CI as

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It’s been a tough couple of months, but we have finally stabilized our dual runtime support for Android and have merged it onto our master branch!

To help avoid confusion, we bumped the build number to differentiate the single runtime version 1.8.0 from the dual runtime version of

We have also decided to drop support for API level 7 (Android 2.1). You will need to ensure that you have installed API Level 8 and Google APIs 8 support if you want to use Consult our Installing and Updating Android SDK guide if you need assistance.

Release 1.8.0 – Last Known Good

We still have many more days and nights ahead to get 1.8 ready for the GA release. For those of you who have been using Release 1.8.0 from CI, we branched 1_8_X from master if you want to fork from that branch or if we decide to patch something in 1.8.0. The CI server will have it as an option for download.

Going forward all builds will be dual runtime capable for Android defaulting to v8 as the primary runtime.

Known Issues

There are several issues not currently working in the dual runtime build. We will be addressing these items over the next few weeks as we stabilize for the GA release.

  • FastDev has been disabled
  • Debugging is not available yet
  • 3rd Party Modules not functional yet, working on compatibility layer
  • Byte-code generation for Rhino is disabled
  • Background services not functioning

We have several tickets that we need to enter in JIRA, so please give us a couple of days to log them all before filing new ones. We’ve decided to go ahead and merge and not wait for all of the known issues to be filed. If you’re interested, you can consult our list of known issues to see what we need to complete before GA. Keep in mind this list will change frequently as we test and fix issues in the new system.

Testing Your App

To help us ensure a quality release of 1.8.0, it would be helpful if you try running your application with v8 and rhino. A new setting has been added in tiapp.xml to allow you to switch runtimes. To re-enable rhino, add the following setting to your tiapp.xml.

<property name="">rhino</property>

If you run into any issues, please check JIRA for an existing ticket. If you don’t find one, please enter an issue in the Community JIRA – TC. Please be sure to follow the Ticket Guidelines when submitting issues.

Building from Source

If you build Titanium from source you’ll need to install the Android NDK and add an environment variable ANDROID_NDK that contains the full path to the root directory of the NDK. Note: We have not tested the build scripts on Windows or Linux at this point. On OS X you’ll probably want to add export ANDROID_NDK=/opt/android-ndk to your ~/.bash_profile. Use the path you chose for the NDK if you didn’t symlink or rename it to /opt/android-ndk


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