PlexusRx Sample App: Building for iOS 11 with Titanium

With the much anticipated release of iOS 11 this fall, developers gained access to a host of new machine learning APIs to speed up mobile AI. In the video below, Senior Solution Architect Chris Bowley demonstrates how to integrate these APIs with additional services in Titanium in a sample app called PlexusRx.

This app, which allows users to log and manage their medication, leverages CoreML and Vision frameworks, along with Google Cloud Vision API and API Builder, to build an AI app with meaningful, real-world impact.

The source for this demo app and required native modules are all available for download here.

[jwplayer ZDNPRAAm]


  1. Great app demo.

    However, when running on device it gives the following error:
    [ERROR] : The application has crashed with an uncaught exception ‘org.plexusrx.TiCoremlRealtimeRecognitionViewProxy’.

    • Thanks 🙂

      I believe this error is due to CoreML not being able to load the model. Ensure you have compiled the CoreML model and copied ‘Inceptionv3.mlmodelc’ to the ‘/app/assets/iphone’ directory.

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