Product Announcement: New Crash Analytics

We are excited to announce the availability of the new version of Crash Analytics in the AMPLIFY platform. This new Crash Analytics was designed and developed from the ground up to enable Titanium developers to troubleshoot application crashes at the Javascript layer of their code. The new crash analytics capability in the platform comprises of a new crash analytics module and new visualizations in the Dashboard. 

Javascript Stack Traces 

Javascript Stack Traces

With the new Crash Analytics, Titanium developers can troubleshoot crashes by reviewing the stack traces available both in Javascript and native code. This should overcome the limitations that exists in native-only stack traces that are currently used to identify and fix crash bugs.

We are also introducing a new visualization paradigm that blends with the visualization patterns available in the Dashboard. All the features that were previously available through the Performance tab in the Dashboard are also available through the new Crashes tab.

Crash Occurrence Metrics

 Crash Occurrence Metrics

For each crash detected by the platform, developers can view crash metrics such as how many total crashes occurred over a certain period, crash rate, first and last occurrence of each crash, and filter these metrics by mobile platform and application versions.

Breadcrumb Trails

Breadcrumb Trails

Similar to the current support of breadcrumbs in the Performance module, developers can use the breadcrumb APIs in the new version of the crash module to keep a trail of all application events that occurred before the crash.  

Uploading Missing Symbol Files

Updating Missing Symbol Files

While Javascript stack traces should help in fixing most of the application crashes, we also recognize the need to view the native stack traces to get a deeper understanding of the crash.  The Titanium module will automatically detect symbol files of crashes and upload them to the platform for de-symbolication. In cases where the module is not able to automatically detect symbol files, we also provide the capability for developers to gather the symbol files from devices and upload them to the platform.

Crash Analytics Access for All Users

Crash Analytics is available for all users. Current Enterprise customers have access to the new version of the crash analytics without any additional charge. All other customers can purchase Crash Analytics separately here.

Migrating Apps to Use the New Crash Module

With the new Crash Analytics, we are deprecating the previous version of crash module and crash analytics. If your app is currently using Titanium’s performance module, then the application should be updated to use the new crash analytics module. Please refer to the module documentation for more information on how to use the new version of the crash analytics module with your application. The crash data and visualization of the older versions of the application currently in use before the update can be viewed in the dashboard in the Performance tab. After updating your application with the new version of the crash analytics module, the crash data and visualization will be available for the newer versions of the application in the Crashes tab.


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