SalesCre8 Drives Car Appraisals Across National Borders

SalesCre8 GmbH is a German-based consultancy and IT solution provider that works with more than 600 dealerships, importers and commercial fleet owners around the world. SalesCre8’s flagship product, Solution for Automotive Management (SAM), streamlines the vehicle management lifecycle from sourcing to sales. Because vehicle remarketing can be a tedious and time consuming process within that lifecycle, SAM features specific modules to power assessments and the remarketing process for vehicles that have reached the end of their lease. This includes everything from fleet appraisals to cost assessments for fixing damaged cars prior to reassignment.

The company is always looking for more efficient and cost effective solutions for customers. SalesCre8’s latest innovation? A customizable CarCheck and CarAppraisal mobile app that is driving the car assessment and appraisal process across national borders. Here’s how:

Taking Inspections on the Road

Many of SalesCre8’s customers—including well known brands like BMW, MINI, Hyundai and Suzuki—conduct vehicle assessments across Europe. Employees at these companies would travel hundreds of miles to conduct evaluations in person, bringing binders of paperwork along for the ride. In order to reduce operational overhead and service costs without jeopardizing quality and speed, SalesCre8 partnered with ACA IT-Solutions to develop a mobile app that would power remote assessments for customers.

In just six weeks, SalesCre8 and ACA IT-Solutions, utilizing the Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution, unveiled an app called CarCheck / CarAppraisal (an extended version of the CarCheck). The iOS app helps SalesCre8 customers transform what was once a tedious paper process into a simple digital solution. CarCheck guides users through assessments step-by-step, instructing the user to take and attach photos along the way. Users are prompted to report everything from scratches and dents to fuel levels and the number of key sets returned. This data is sent directly to SalesCre8’s SAM (Software for Automotive Management) platform where the customer’s inspection experts can make real-time appraisals and estimate repair costs based on the captured data and photos.

Customized Apps without Reinventing the Wheel

While speed, accuracy and ease of use are a major selling point for SalesCre8’s customers, the CarCheck app is also completely customizable. Thanks to the app’s modular design, SalesCre8 is able to create dedicated mobile solutions for each customer and their specific automotive assessment processes without reinventing the wheel. In addition, SalesCre8 offers internationalized solutions with minimal development cost.

Early adopter of the app, VAB Fleet Services, no longer needs to send employees out on the road to make assessments. Instead, the company encourages clients to complete their own assessment via a mobile device for real-time repair cost estimates without the hassle. VAB FS has seen a 20 percent efficiency gain since launching the app.

Speed Bumps Along the Way

SalesCre8 encountered a unique set of challenges when creating the CarCheck app. Customers and their clients were accustomed to paper processes and many weren’t handy with smart devices. Because of this, the development team was careful to design an easy-to-navigate app that mirrored the old, familiar system as closely as possible.

In addition, the development team had to create a system for transferring data and images without a stable network connection. The app is often used in the field, where users may not have consistent access to wifi or a network. To ensure data could be seamlessly transferred, SalesCre8 fine-tuned its backend caching mechanism — now, images are compressed and sent over in batches.

SalesCre8 SAM’s Mobile Roadmap

Next up? SalesCre8 is expanding its mobile portfolio to cater to a new audience — the consumer. The company is working on a Stock Locator app for both iOS and Android that will help consumers to search, locate and finance the purchase of stock vehicles at dealerships. The best part? The building blocks SalesCre8 developed within its mobile portfolio via Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution makes it much easier and faster for the company to expand its mobile roadmap in the future.