tiConf US Roundup


Originally posted by Fokke Zandbergen on tidev.io.

That was it! We ate the Big Apple, melted the pot (?), had Manhattan and indeed.. we didn’t get that much sleep. tiConf US was the first of 6 tiConfs to be held in 2014 and absolutely raised the bar compared to the 3 tiConfs in 2013. We’ve had the privilege of hearing some of the world’s best Titanium developers, as well as Appcelerator CEO Jeff Haynie and Alloy lead Tony Lukasavage.


On this page we’ll try to collect as much links related to tiConf US as we can. If you have any additions to these list, please mail the to mail@tidev.io.

General links

Links per talk/speaker

  • Jeff Haynie, Keynote: Twitter, slides, video
  • Grant Shipley, Scaling Your Mobile Back-end: Twitter, interview, video (1:16)
  • John Gould, Game Development and Gamification with Titanium, Platino and Hyperloop: Twitter, demo, video (2:13)
  • Matt Apperson, Faster, Better, Stronger App Development with RapidDev: Twitter, interview, slides, video, rapiddev
  • Joshua Jensen, Titanium & Alloy: Beginning Best Practices: Twitter, interview, slides, video (0:41)
  • Jamil Spain, Documenting Your Titanium Applications: Twitter, slides, video (1:38)
  • Xavier Lacot, Monitor Your App: A Complete Panel of Titanium Monitoring Solutions: Twitter
  • Ali Abdullah, Forgetting Old Habits
  • Pratik Patel, Working With Data in Titanium: Twitter, interview
  • Jason Kneen, Workshop – Zero to App using Titanium Alloy: Twitter, slides, repo, http.js
  • Tony Lukasavage, Keynote: Twitter, slides, video
  • Alex Otanez, Beginning with the End in Mind – A Roadmap to the Enterprise: Twitter, interview, video (1:18)
  • Adam Paxton, Create Custom Maps for your Titanium App using Mapbox and OpenStreetMap: Twitter, slides, video (1:58), interview, module
  • Stephen Feather, Using BLE to Enhance User Engagement: Twitter, interview, slides, code
  • Trevor Ward, Genymotion – The Android Emulator You Can Actually Use: Twitter, interview, Genymotion
  • Olivier Morandi, Debugging and Profiling Ti Apps: Twitter, slides, ti-inspector
  • Jason Kneen, Adventures in Cross Platform: Twitter
  • ???, Mocana (soap box): Mocana
  • Jeff Bonnes, Installr (soap box): Twitter, Installr
  • Alexander Chatterjee, Wearable Technology: It’s Here, and to Interface Mobile Applications With It: Twitter, interview
  • Andrew McElroy & Matt Apperson, TiCalabash & TiMocha: The keys to Better & More Stable Titanium Apps: Twitter, slides
  • Patrick Seda, Gamification vs. Motivation in Children’s Apps: Twitter
  • Jamil Spain, The Appcelerator Platform: Twitter, Appcelerator Platform


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