Titanium and Android SDK Tools r8

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Yesterday, Google released an update to it’s SDK Tools to support Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). For the last couple of SDK Tools updates, Google has unfortunately rearranged the layout of it’s SDK, causing our tools to fail whenever they are used with a newer version. I’ve pushed a fix on master that fixes Titanium for the new Android SDK, and it’s currently available through our Continuous Integration builds page on the “master” branch.

There are also some minor changes in the SDK Package Manager, and a new Package was added called “Platform-tools”. If you’re installing the Android SDK, make sure to install the Platform-tools package, and as usual you will need the Google APIs Add-on, which has moved to

Third-party Add-ons > Google Inc. add-ons >  Google APIs by Google Inc
Android SDK and AVD Manager

If you’ve upgraded to SDK Tools r8 / Gingerbread and are currently using Titanium Mobile 1.4.x, or for some other reason cannot download a new continuous build, here are some simple instructions for working around this problem ($ANDROID_SDK is the path to your Android SDK installation):

  • OSX/Linux users: Symlink tools/adb to the new platform-tools/adb:
    $ ln -s $ANDROID_SDK/platform-tools/adb $ANDROID_SDK/tools
  • Windows users: Copy platform-tools/adb to tools:
    $ copy $ANDROID_SDK/platform-tools/adb.exe $ANDROID_SDK/tools


  1. On my environment (Windows 7), I also had to copy the following two files, to the $_ANDROID_SDK/tools folder:

    1) AdbWinApi.dll
    2) AdbWinUsbApi.dll

  2. Great info!

    But mine always hangs at “[INFO] Copying project resources..” when i try to Launch Android Apps.

    That started to happen after i renamed the app.js and replaced it with other app.js file in same dir.
    And since that i cannot launch any Android App, no even newly created.
    I have tried simply everything, uninstalled/installed Titanium Developer + Mobile, Android SDK.. and still absolutely no luck.

    I need to present this tool with some Apps i’ve created, in a college presentation tomorrow, and i’m getting desperate.

    Regards from Portugal.


    • I would post the full TRACE log contents to a community Q&A item for more help – as per the comment policy, blog comments aren’t the appropriate place to ask for support.

  3. Sorry for the inconvenience.. =/

    I thought that i could get more visibility here.. as some answers in Q&A to similar issues are weeks old, and with no possible solutions yet.

    But still i’ll create a new Question in the Q&A Community.


  4. People might find that they also need to add the new platform-tools directory to their path otherwise nothing can find adb.exe

  5. I had trouble getting the Symlink to work on a Mac, but came up with my own work around. Simply make an alias of the file ‘adb’ located in the platform-tools folder, and put the alias in the tools folder. Works like a charm! Haven’t tried this on Windows, but I bet a shortcut would do the same.


  6. Had the same problem (Titanium on OS X), somehow the symlink didn’t work. What did: create an alias of ABD in /platform-tools, copy it to /tools, rename to adb. Tadaa!

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