Titanium Command Line Interface (CLI) Specification

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We have a suite of existing tools for operating from the command line – titanium.py, builder.py, etc. Some of these tools are used for direct user interaction to create, run, package, or distribute projects (titanium.py) while others are designed for meaningful interactions only with an IDE such as Titanium Studio.

Over time, the scope and requirements for these tools have increased significantly so we have decided to evaluate the the structure of the build system itself. We have put together a specification to overhaul the existing build system and make it more extensible. We have also decided to move away from Python based tooling to node.js based tooling. We had a good debate internally about the technology choice and, in the end, it made sense for us to adopt node.js as we are a Java Script platform company. Node.js is young and has few short comings so we will write modules to overcome these limitations and contribute them back to the community.

Please review and provide your feedback (leave it on the wiki page itself) on the specification. We are on a tight deadline so your early feedback is appreciated. We will review and incorporate the feedback by the end of this week.





  1. Anything will be a much welcome improvement, especially if it’s possible to run the ipad simulator without patching builder.py…

  2. I’m not technical enough to be much help on the wiki, but it would be really helpful to have robust exception handling. When the existing Python scripts fail, they sometimes do it silently or don’t tell you what is wrong or misconfigured. It becomes a huge time drain.

  3. Does titanium.py still exist with Titanium Studio 2.0.1? I can seem to find it. If so, where is it? If not, what should I use as an alternative to build modules from the command line? Thanks

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