Titanium Mobile 1.4.1 (for OSX only)

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We have pushed a patch release (named for OSX only. If you’re not on OSX, you won’t get an update notification.

This release contains two small fixes that have been caused a little bit of a problem for new users:

– iTunes 10 issues which “Loading…” message in the SDK field under Titanium Developer simulator/test/package

– Apple 4.0.x logging issues

One known issue for the iOS 4.1 SDK is that you might see something like the following in the console:

mmap$UNIX2003 called from function _Z20TCMalloc_SystemAllocmPmm

We’re going to try and fix that warning for the 1.5 release but this is harmless and has no impact on your application (as scary as it looks).

We are still working on the 1.5 release and hope to get to a final code freeze very soon and begin full testing. Our Quality goals for the 1.5 release are much higher and so I anticipate that it won’t be available until March October (edit: what was I thinking?).

We’ll have more details about this release soon. In the meantime, this release has significant performance and functional improvements in Android and internally we’re calling this our “Android release” given how much effort is going into this release for Android. Not that iOS is getting the shaft, we have plenty of fixes and great work on that platform too.

If you have installed from github since 1.4.0, please note that you will not get an update in Titanium Developer until you remove your 1.4.0 directory. Also, not that we have moved the build version to 1.4.2 in master This does not mean that the next release is 1.4.2, it’s simply a way to not cause issues if you install a build from master with the upcoming 1.5 release.

(EDIT: after testing and push to distribution, we found we included the wrong lib. we’re re-pushing as with the correct lib).


  1. @Jonathan, as a subscriber, you’ll get fixes as needed. However, we’ll make EA versions available before GA.

  2. @Jeff Thanks – that’s far more like what I had expected (and hoped)… Just to be clear, when you’re talking about 1.5’s availability, do you mean as an early access version for Pro/Enterprise customers, or as a GA version for everyone?

  3. Apps crash upon launch when you put them on an actual device. This issue has been around for some time in the continuous builds. I think the xcode project isnt targeting the updated iOS sdk.

  4. @Tim – Yes. since an earlier 1.4.1 version I cannot relaunch the app on the device. When compiled with xCode it runs only the first time. Then it crashes at start.

  5. Now can you put those updated libs into the nightly builds? heh. The continuous builds have been going through the same crashing on devices for a few weeks now.

  6. Just installed the 1.4.1 and then and still suddenly the Install Error pops up and the app crashes on the device. I was just about to send my app to Appstore and after this download Titanium cant publish through Itunes?

  7. For 1.5 on iOS please please take a look at the performance hit the tableViews took in recent releases. Specially when using Data in the tableview I have seen people post anywhere from 3 to 15 sec for it to render depending on ammount of rows and data.

    Any news on that and implementation of the StoreKit Would be AWESOME.

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

  8. Re: version number.
    I feel like such a noob (though technically I am). The app version (1.2.1) is separate from the SDK version ( Could be a bit confusing to others. I can attest I got up to speed and built and submitted an app to Apple in well under a week. Good stuff!

  9. Lucky you. I upgraded to compile, splash, crash. I’m getting a little frustrated with Titanium updates lately.

  10. Any update on when the next Titanium Desktop update is due. I heard Fall and today is the first day of Fall. So if it’s not today, can you ballpark it? I’d REALLY like to do a PHP based app on Windows 7, but in 64-bit Windows 7, even the barest “Hello World” Titanium Desktop app crashes when you enable PHP.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, I see a big perf improvement with in our app’s table view of grouped options with sliders and switches. In previous releases, the opening window was slow to render, and if you scrolled down the options window with a ‘flick’, nothing would show up until the motion completely came to a stop, then they would paint. Sometimes that would also occur scrolling back up. None of that happens now – options are all there immediately on window open and while scrolling.

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