Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 Release Candidate Brings V8 Goodness To All

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We’re excited to announce Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 Release Candidate 1 is now available, providing new features, enhancements and bug fixes for iOS and Android, as well as a beta version of the new Mobile Web platform. New features in 1.8 include:

  • Dual-runtime support for Android allows you to switch between the new, faster V8 runtime, and the legacy Rhino runtime (required by some legacy devices).
  • Improved iOS support for XML DOM Level 2, with most DOM L2 APIs now supported.
  • A “longpress” event is now supported on Android and iOS.
  • iOS support for “pinch” gesture events.
  • VideoPlayer objects can now be added to a view on Android.
  • Support for the iOS 5.0.1 “do-not-back-up” file attribute.
  • Updates to the APIDoc format.


To get the most out of the 1.8 SDK, you should also get the new Titanium Studio 1.0.7 Release Candidate.

Read the Release Notes for additional details on all new features and improvements available in the release candidate.

Android Module Support

The new Android runtime support required some updates to the modules API. Modules will have to be ported to API version 2. For details, see the Android Module Porting Guide.

Known Issues

This section lists high-profile known issues in RC1 that will be fixed in the 1.8 GA release.

iOS Issues

  • Disable timestamping on distribution builds. The addition of a timestamp to the version bundle string can make the string too long for Apple’s submission guidelines. In the GA release, this timestamp will be removed from distribution builds, but retained in adhoc and simulator builds. (TIMOB-6293)
  • DashboardView is leaking memory. (TIMOB-6229)

Android Issues

  • V8 Debugger: Add a list of filtered variable names for TiStudio. (TIMOB-6549)
  • V8 Proxy: Filter stack variables by regular expression from the Mobile SDK. (TISTUD-894)
  • V8 Proxy: Collapse all JavaScript scopes into the top variables list. (TISTUD-895)
  • V8 Proxy: Filter stack frames that have a prefix of “ti:/”. (TISTUD-897)
  • Use the “ti:/” prefix for all platform JavaScript files. (TIMOB-6550)

Download and Installation

If you have Titanium Studio, you can download the 1.8 SDK from inside Studio. See below for instruction to install the SDK with or without Studio.
Download Links for Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 Release Candidate 1:

OSX: https://builds.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/RC/mobilesdk-

Linux: https://builds.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/RC/mobilesdk-

Win32: https://builds.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/RC/mobilesdk-

To install the 1.8 SDK from Titanium Studio

  1. Click Help > Install Titanium SDK from URL.
  2. Paste in the appropriate URL and click Finish.
  3. After the SDK finishes downloading, you’re ready to try it out.

Before running a project, double-click the tiapp.xml file and make sure the selected SDK is

To Install without Titanium Studio

If you don’t have Titanium Studio installed, you’ll want to download the appropriate distribution above and then extract into your Titanium directory.

For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or~/Library/Appcelerator Support/Titanium.

On Linux ~/.titanium.

On Windows Vista/7 C:ProgramDataTitanium and on Windows XP C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataTitanium

Once you locate your Titanium directory, extract the zip file into this directory. The zip file will expand the contents and create/overlay some new directories for

NOTE for OSX users who use Safari to download: Safari by default will auto uncompress your downloads, how handy. However, if you have a directory named mobilesdk, your extracted directory will be renamed.

Now, you’ll need to restart Titanium Developer to pick up the new release. Once restarted, remember to change your application SDK version and then click the ‘Save’ button.

You should now be able to test with the release candidate software.

For More Information

For more information, you may view the related API Documentation: Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 Release Candidate 1 API docs.


  1. Can we get updated builds of the StyleLabel and UrbanAirship Titanium+ Modules that are compatible with RC1?

    I can’t really evaluate the release candidate without these modules, and I can’t seem to find the source to fix and build them myself.

    • @Ben we’re currently working through all of our add-on modules, and should have full compatibility before GA.

  2. Thats great Kevin, thanks.

    Do you have any updated estimates for the release? I’m quite close to completing our app and would like to know if we should hold off a couple of weeks to get the improved Android performance.

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