Titanium Talk Episode 7

In the latest episode of Titanium Talk, Brenton and I discuss a few interesting subjects around mobile app development.

Firstly, we cover some general news on Titanium, some updates to the Gitt.io module library, and the GA release of 7.0.2 of the Titanium SDK and the Appcelerator CLI (it is a patch release addressing high priority issues from previous releases with 4 improvements and 40 bug fixes).

Of course, the big news is the announcement that AngularJS is coming to Titanium later this year, with a technical preview coming very soon. Soon Titanium developers will be able to write in classic Titanium JavaScript, Alloy MVC or AngularJS, and we’re excited about what that means for the development community, meetups etc.

We talk about HomePod and the SiriKit and how the two work together for apps – you can ask HomePod to add Todos, Notes, start Workouts or send a message from iOS apps including ones written in Titanium!

A listener asked if we had some tips on using Hyperloop, so we give some simple advice on how to go about approaching writing a Hyperloop module.

We discuss what IDEs we use (another listener question), our preference, and some tools and scripts that we use to make life easier including some Atom and Visual Studio Code plugins as well as CLI tools to make it easier to launch apps and publish to App Stores.

We also talk about debugging, especially if you’re using an IDE other than Axway Studio, and how we both go about it, using logging, some detective work, and re-usable, testable cross-platform modules.

It’s just over an hour long — something to listen to while your coding away. Please take a minute to listen, subscribe and rate us! You can also follow us on Twitter, and keep an eye out for more episodes coming soon.

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