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As a heads up we’re adding a new feature to the Appcelerator Developer Center in the new year, a Titanium Application Catalog that will function as an application discovery engine. It will provide the best way to find and promote Titanium applications through a unique combination of application search, ratings & reviews.

In preparation of that we’re now accepting application submissions. To get your Titanium Powered Application into the catalog please click the link below. You will need to be logged into your Developer Account to submit applications

Application Catalog Submission Form

We’re really looking forward to seeing all of the applications submitted.

Code Strong,
The Appcelerator Team


  1. Nice idea but the submission form does not work. If I try to submit an app, I get a validation error: “Invalid images! Please fix and try again.”

    I try to submit an iPhone mobile app and all images are valide and in right size. Could it be that you don’t accept high-res screenshots from iPhone 4?

  2. I just noticed there is no note on the image format we are accepting. The form requires PNG. We will get that added to the form. That is most likely the issue you ran into. Let us know if you are still experiencing issues after trying with PNGs. Thanks.

    UPDATE: The PNG format requirement is now noted on the form

  3. @Chris the existing application showcase will pull from apps in the application catalog. Not everything in the app catalog will make it into the showcase but most everything (98% or so) else will be in the app catalog.

  4. This is also part of a bigger effort we’re starting early next year where we’ll be promoting developers and their apps. So this app directory will actually turn into a developer & app directory that can be searched by geo, # apps, developer center score, etc.

    The first part is getting a bunch of apps logged in here and then we’ll open up the developer portion (think LinkedIn for Titanium devs) in Jan.


  5. @Tony, But what is the difference? Your answer doesn’t explain.

    The form for it is exactly the same as the one i submitted for the showcase.

    You mention that 2% of apps may ‘end up’ in the showcase. What are the grounds for selection to that???

  6. @Chris The application showcase will be used to showcase those top 2% of apps built on titanium, much like apple does with it’s staff picks and commericials. Everything else will fall under the catalog so that everyone can locate titanium powered apps.

    The criteria for the showcase is still a work in progress but everything showcased will need to be in the app catalog. User reviews will also be part of that criteria.

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