Web Directions South 2011

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It’s been two weeks since Web Directions South 2011 in Sydney, Australia, and we thought it was about time to write a quick wrap up about our trip down under. First off, we’d like to thank everyone at Web Directions for putting together such an wonderful conference, and for being so hospitable. We were a long way from home and everyone from Web Directions as well as those from the venue were extremely accommodating.

Web Directions South 2011 was simply quite amazing. The two day event attracted over 700 web professionals in a single venue to discuss the future of the web, its mediums, and technologies. Here is a quick overview of how we fit into this incredible event.


Day 1

The highlight of day 1 was definitely the Lightning Talk. With very little stage time, I decided to do something a little bit crazy and try and complete a live code demo. The goal was to build an extremely simple todo application in the 10 minutes that I had on stage. Now, while this sounds a bit out there, I had actually completed something similar earlier in the day in 13 minutes. Unfortunately, I failed to take into account one very important factor during that dry run. I was supposed to be interacting with my audience. In the end however, even though my talk ran just a few minutes long, it was a huge success and attracted a whole lot of attention afterwards. For anyone interested, the resulting code can be found on Github at the link below.

Day 2

After the Lightning talk on day 1, our booth was flooded with interest from developers to teachers and I spent a majority of the day traveling as far down the rabbit hole as they wanted to go. However, during one of the hour long sessions before lunch, I noticed that the Sensis booth next to ours was promoting a new developer API that they called SAPI. I thought this would be a wonderful time to do some business networking and show off a bit of what Titanium can do at the same time. I registered for their developer program, skimmed the first page of their documentation, and proceeded to build a cross-platform application using their new api. Done in under 30 minutes, I had their complete attention and a valuable business contact in Australia. If you’re interested in Sensis, or the sample application that was put together for them check out the links below.

Everything In Between

The trip to Australia encompassed more than just the conference. We were lucky enough to meet with the Titanium User Groups in both Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a few members of related groups in each area. We’d like to thank Nick du Preez(@Nick_duPreez) of the Sydney TUG as well as Amit Kothari(@amitkothari) and Jeff Bonnes(@jeffbonnes) of the Melbourne TUG for their help in getting things ready for us prior to our arrival in Australia. If you are in either area, please join their respective Meetup groups.

  • Sydney TUG
  • Melbourne TUG


All in all, the trip was very successful and we hope to be invited back again next year. Maybe we’ll see you there.